This past year I had the good fortune to stumble upon Claire Birnie’s Instagram from The Tidy Life. I’ll be the first to admit that I follow a ton of interesting people on IG, and I don’t always take the time to read their posts. In this age of social media, there is so much content that it’s impossible to digest it all.

What stood out to me about Claire’s posts, however, was #Project3000. She writes in her blog that the average American household has 300,000 objects, and in 2018 Claire resolved to remove about 1%, or 3000 objects, from her home.

I was inspired. I was fascinated to see Claire post flat-lays of each of the things she removed over the course of the year. Books, purses, pencils, old art projects…the list goes on. Every day when I sit at my computer, surrounded by stuff, I get a bit more stressed about the state of it. Why am I still holding onto a bar of soap from some hotel in England? Or this piggy bank I got from an old boss I disliked, which has three quarters in it?

This is my year for #Project3000. I may not make that final number, but that’s okay. What counts is that every single unwanted item that leaves my home will be one less stressor, one less random thing staring me in the face as I go about my day. My photos may not all be glorius flat-lays and I may forget to take pictures of some things, but that’s okay too! As my followers know, perfection is not the goal. Instead, let’s focus on growth and the freedom that comes from a little more space.

I’m going to start by following Claire’s loose rules and see where they take me. Donated, trashed, and recycled items count. Products that are used up but not replaced also count.

Want to join me this year? Tag your IG photos with #project3000 and #freedomthroughspace

❤ Danielle


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